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iSolve is a complete solution for discovering, adding, sharing and organizing federated knowledge – without moving knowledge around. iSolve is complimentary to current tools and processes and integrates seamlessly with CRM systems, Service Desk applications, Portals, Knowledge Bases etc. iSolve is implemented in days and is extremely easy to use and own.

The Challenge:
With the explosion of corporate information sources there are just too many information sources that are unstructured and unlinked, though they should be. In addition, scattered knowledge can’t be organized effectively, which makes enhancing it and keeping it up to date even more challenging.

iSolve by Softlib – Virtual Knowledge Base
iSolve unique capabilities include:
  • One point of access to all your internal and external (Web, vendors, public information) information sources
  • Guided navigation to knowledge and intelligent search and data classification algorithms
  • Logical organization of date helps users get to the information they need faster
  • Different “knowledge universe” for different user groups and per-user “favorites”
  • Add & share collaborative information from one easy to use application
  • Knowledge usage analytics
  • Single sign on assures you get to access the information that is right for you
  • Multi language Intelligent Search allows to search in language A and find relevant results in language B
How iSolve works:
iSolve is a complete solution for modern knowledge management. It handles each of the key aspects involved:

Guided Search and Navigation:
iSolve guides users to knowledge either through knowledge browsing or keyword search. Each user gains access to his specific knowledge universe which means results are very focused to the type of user that uses iSolve. In addition, analytical algorithms, dictionaries & data classification technologies deliver superior information discovery capabilities.

Logical organization of Federated Knowledge:
iSolve covers all your internal and external knowledge repositories. External knowledge sources include Web forums and news groups, while internal knowledge sources include emails, knowledge bases, file servers, portals, CRM, ERP, service desk applications, Wikis etc. iSolve extends existing knowledge bases/repositories by linking into the information in them in its solution search – no data loading or duplication needed. All this information can be logically organized so users can navigate or search it and view results grouped by applications, lines of business etc.

Add and Share knowledge from one place:
iSolve enables users to add customization notes and attach them to other knowledge items for other users to see and comment on. This type of collaborative information sharing makes it easy to capture undocumented knowledge and share it with your peers. Once captured, new knowledge becomes immediately searchable. In addition with iSolve its easy to add new knowledge articles and place them in the right hierarchy of the overall knowledge library.

Knowledge Analytics:
iSolve knowledge analytics deliver valuable information on knowledge usage, missing information and unused information, thus helping you tune your knowledge to the needs of the organizations

Quick to implement and easy to maintain:
iSolve is very easy to implement and is typically up and running in days. A typical implementation process would be to map the information sources that are important to the organization. Install iSolve. Connect it to the information sources. Index them offline. Start finding information... Seamless integration into corporate applications as well as zero administration requirements make iSolve cost of ownership practically zero.
iSolve – The Solution:
iSolve allows you to pull together all your information repositories virtually, delivering one point of access to all information, while organizing the information by logical themes and allowing users to enhance knowledge from one place. This way you have one consistent source of information without moving information around.

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