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The Softlib experts offer complimentary services – implementation, knowledge methodology and training.
Implementation Services
Implementation With deep understanding on the domain and our technology, our experts are committed to have you up and running in a matter of days! Our typical implementation package includes pre-install site survey and preparation, on site implementation as well as end users and content managers training.

Knowledge Methodology
Softlib & ITIL We offer a complete solution for your needs – including expertise and software solutions. Each customer needs and environment are unique, which is why we start our methodology assignments with a “scope and plan” phase that maps the business goals, knowledge usage and knowledge gaps and ends with a detailed project plan. In addition our methodology places extra emphasis on the proper organization of knowledge (virtual organization, not moving information around) so that knowledge access and ongoing knowledge improvement and capture are easy to achieve.

Training Services
Training The more knowledgeable you are about our solutions the more value you get from them. This is why we offer training and certification programs that get you to master our solutions quickly and easily.
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