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24/10/2011, Tel Aviv, Israel
SoftLib Software, a leading provider of Knowledge Delivery solutions for Immediate Service, today announced the general availability of its iMatch and iSolve product lines for the CRM application.

iMatch and iSolve for improve customer service while deflecting calls, reducing escalations and improving productivity. Key benefits include:
  • Deliver high quality automated Self Help to end users and junior agents. The patent pending technology automatically understands meaning behind users queries and accurately pinpoints relevant knowledge
  • Create a virtual knowledge base from knowledge stored outside as well as in
    • Virtual knowledge organization without moving knowledge around
    • Unified, intelligent search, across knowledge sources
    • Knowledge collaboration, tagging and analytics across sources
  • Accelerate creation of Self Help knowledge

“With SoftLib we deliver a superior online service experience to our customers and we have reduced the number of customer support calls,” said Jose Villarreal, Director of Customer Support at Xirrus. “Our customers can now pinpoint knowledge across SalesForce Self Service repositories as well as from our website with one intelligent, uniform discovery mechanism.”

SoftLib iMatch is an Automated Self Help solution, providing the right information to users submitting their issues to the Help Desk, Support Center or Call Center. Through machine learning, automatically generated taxonomy and analytical algorithms iMatch matches new issues with existing solutions, regardless of choice of words.

iSolve is a Virtual Knowledge Base, virtually organizing all internal and external related knowledge sources for a complete 3600 customer view. Knowledge can then be browsed by virtual categories or searched intelligently. Collaboration, tagging and analytics make iSolve a complete solution to manage federated knowledge without moving it around.

“We are excited to launch our innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate with CRM. Our solutions significantly extend SalesForce’s offering in the challenging area of meaning base knowledge delivery,” said Boaz Grinvald, CEO of SoftLib.

About Softlib
SoftLib is a leading provider of knowledge delivery solutions for immediate service, enabling our customers to reduce costs substantially while improving service to end users. We bring innovative solutions to the marketplace that revolutionizes the way Helpdesk/technical support/Service is delivered. SoftLib products are used around the world. Among our customers are financial institutions, telecom companies, technology vendors and government agencies.

About Xirrus
Xirrus is the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Our array-based solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances—always. Their wired-like reliability and superior security allow our customers to confidently take their business-critical applications and operations mobile. Our solutions are unique in the industry, transforming enterprises and organizations around the world. At a time when everyone expects to connect wirelessly everywhere and business is increasingly done in the cloud, Xirrus wireless solutions are providing a strategic business and IT infrastructure advantage in thousands of deployments worldwide. Headquartered in CA, Xirrus is a privately held enterprise designing and manufacturing its products in the USA.
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