EZLegacy partners with Softlib to further shorten software development cycles and reduce ongoing cost of maintenance via EZSource integration with knowledge virtualization and intelligent search

9/1/2012, Tel Aviv, Israel
EZLegacy, a market leader in application understanding and measurement, today announced that it has partnered with SoftLib Software to deliver comprehensive knowledge access from within its leading EZSource Suite.

EZSource is an integrated solution suite for cross platform and cross language application understanding, mapping, analysis and reporting that significantly improves software professionals ability to manage application changes, enhancements and schedules. SoftLib provides intelligent search and knowledge delivery from all relevant knowledge sources required throughout the application lifecycle - from Web forums and news groups to internal knowledge sources such as file servers, Wikis, SharePoint, bug tracking systems etc. With SoftLib, EZSource provides application developers and architects all relevant knowledge from one easy to use application so that they can plan changes, resolve issues and enhance applications faster and without the need to access different applications.

"SoftLib is excited to add EZLegacy as its latest OEM partner" Said Boaz Grinvald, CEO of SoftLib. "We share the vision of immediate knowledge access for software and IT professionals so they can deliver service and software faster and at lower cost".

EZSource customers leveraging Softlib knowledge virtualization capabilities will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Single point of access to internal and external (Web, vendors docs, forums) information
  • Intelligent search based on personalization, dictionaries & data classification
  • Virtually organize knowledge by areas of interest without moving information around
  • Easy ability to add & share collaborative information
  • Knowledge analytics
  • Intelligent multi language support

“We are committed to help our customers reduce costs and take control over the application lifecycle”, said Eran Tirer, CEO of EZLegacy. “Having one integrated solution for application understanding and mapping as well as pinpointing relevant knowledge from all possible sources is a breakthrough in optimizing the application lifecycle”.

About Softlib
SoftLib is a leading provider of knowledge delivery solutions for immediate service, enabling customers to reduce costs substantially while improving service to end users. Softlib brings innovative solutions to the marketplace that revolutionizes the way IT/technical support/Service is delivered. SoftLib products are used by thousands of users worldwide. Customers include financial institutions, telecom companies, technology vendors and government agencies.

About EZLegacy
Established in 2003 EZLegacy is a market leader of the Enterprise Applications Mapping & Management market with offices in the United Kingdom, US, Switzerland, Romania, Israel and Australia. EZLegacy has more than 50 clients worldwide, including ING Life, Thomson Reuters, Fujitsu, Maybank, Telecom Italia, Standard Bank and more. EZLegacy's partners include SAP, CA, CSC and HP. The EZSource application understanding and mapping suite of products dramatically reduces enterprise application lifecycle management (ALM) costs, improves its application development and maintenance speed, flexibility and quality of its deliverables and lowers the risk involved in application transformation and change.
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